How Your Landscape Choices Can Affect You Roof

How Your Landscape Choices Can Affect You Roof

When building or remodeling your dream home there are many things to think about and consider- from the size and number of rooms to the type of roof you will have. So many things can impact your decision but did you know there are some important landscape and roofing considerations you will need to dedicate some time to in order to ensure you make the right choices. Here at Stay Dry Roofing, we pride ourselves on being the trusted leaders in the community when it comes to local roofing advice. Here are some areas of your landscape that could adversely affect your roofing system if not properly addressed from the start.


Trees are a great addition to many landscapes. They provide shade and a nice focal point as well and helping to encourage wildlife. Trees must be used wisely and planted in the right place!  A small tree may look innocent now but if it is placed too close to the home it can grow into the roof or awnings and cause major damage to the roof years down the road. Also, consider the type of trees you plant and ensure they are ones that are strong and durable so the risk of limbs falling during storms is minimized.  Our experts can you take this to heart by offering a way to apply the local roofing advice to your home’s landscape design!


Just like trees, shrubs can quickly get out of hand and cause roofing problems. Shrubs are often used as foundation and background plantings up close to the home and this is risky. If the shrubs grow too tall and are not properly pruned and cared for they can reach the eves and roof and cause damage. The gutters can also be damaged and cause problems for the roofing system. The type of shrubs and how close they are placed are important landscape and roofing considerations that few even think about!


Vines are a popular addition to many landscape designs. Whether it’s along a fence or trellis or on walls and rock features, vines can add a dramatic flair to your home’s landscape. However, one of our tips for local roofing advice is to be careful with your vine choice and usage. Depending on the vine you use they can quickly get out of hand and take over.  If they reach the roof, they can damage the roofing structure! Many homeowners find out too late that is one of the landscape and roofing considerations they wish they’d known about before!


Flowerbeds may seem harmless enough- they are full of delicate flowers and bright beautiful colors- nothing too threatening there. And while most flowering plants won’t reach high enough to threaten the roof directly, indirectly, they can still cause problems. When designing your flower bed locations and layouts, you need to think about leaving access points so you can easily get to the roof.  You do not want to sacrifice important roof work and maintenance for the sake of not damaging your flower beds. So, listen to the local roofing advice and landscape tips here and design around roof access points to make things easier on yourself down the road!


The final area of landscape and roofing considerations you need to be mindful of with your home remodeling and landscape designs is your hardscape.  Hardscape includes things like decks, patios, trellises, walls, statues, walking paths, bird baths, and other non-plant elements of your design.  These can affect your roof because it can limit access to the roof or it can allow certain aspects of the landscape to impact the roofing system more. Be mindful of where your trellis is in relation to the roof, watch where your fire pit on the deck or patio is, and think about how the design features of the hardscape can impact your roof.

When it comes to landscape and roofing considerations, there is a lot to keep track of and you will naturally feel conflicted, confused, or lost at some point and time. That is why you should call the experts at Stay Dry Roofing and let us help you take care of your roof all year long! We offer local roofing advice that works and we are ready to go to work for you- so call or use our online form and contact us to schedule your first consultation appointment now!