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Energy efficiency isn’t just a nice idea. It’s a money saver. Energy efficient roofing goes a long way in keeping your home cool and comfortable during the hotter months. And that can translate into utility bill savings. Now more than ever, it makes sound financial sense to have energy efficient shingles like ENERGY STAR® shingles put on when you’re ready for roof replacement.

A hot summer day can make the temps in your attic rise as much as 140 degrees. That amount of heat trapped in an attic makes air conditioning systems work harder and longer to meet the comfort level you’ve set for your home.

Savvy homeowners already know that proper attic insulation helps reduce that hot air’s invasion into your home. But too often, homeowners don’t realize just how much of that heat is due to their shingling soaking up solar energy day in and day out. The experts at Stay Dry Roofing can install energy-efficient shingles that act as your first defense against rising attic temperatures, preventing more heat from entering your home. Your house stays cooler all summer long and your air conditioning bills drop.

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Energy Efficient Roofing That Carries The ENERGY STAR® Seal

Knowing the key role that energy efficient shingles play in home and business energy efficiency, ENERGY STAR® has developed guidelines for designating roof shingles as “cool roof technology.” Newly developed cooler granules reflect approximately twenty percent solar energy than conventional shingle granules. Compare this to more traditional, darker granules which reflect only three percent. This new cool roof tech works not just by deflecting sunlight, but also sheds more heat than traditional shingles.

To ensure that you are receiving energy efficient roofing that will result in energy savings, go with shingles that carry the ENERGY STAR® stamp. Stay Dry Roofing is proud to use products by major shingle manufacturers that have ENERGY STAR® roofing material. They come in a wide array of colors and styles.

Does saving money on energy bills while making your home more comfortable sound like a good idea to you? Then investing in energy efficient roofing is for you. The Stay Dry Roofing experts do premium installations of numerous styles of energy efficient shingles. We are happy to help you choose the best option for your home.

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