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Copper Gutters And Downspouts In The Greater Indianapolis Area

Those who choose copper gutters and downspouts for their homes rarely regret it. Though more expensive than aluminum gutters or those made from galvanized steel, a copper gutter installation has a distinctive quality that is much sought after. They are a particularly beautiful way to protect your home from damage and help prevent roof repair.

As with seamless aluminum gutters, copper gutters are seamless with joints fused by soldering for leak prevention. Copper is a premium product with aesthetic versatility. It can be painted, but many homeowners prefer to let it weather into a striking blue-green patina. Copper gutters and downspouts are what you see on many historically accurate homes.

Seamless Copper Gutters

The Benefits of Copper Gutters And Downspouts

There is never corrosion with a seamless copper gutter installation. Though some homeowners opt to paint their copper gutters and downspouts to achieve a particular look, painting isn’t necessary since copper doesn’t rust. The verdigris, or bright bluish-green patina, you see on copper gutters is not harmful and a favorite look sought by many homeowners who choose copper gutters and downspouts.

Unlike the joints of other gutters and downspouts, those of copper are soldered. The joints of other gutter systems are generally sealed with industrial grade sealants to prevent leakage. While effective, the sealants may sometimes need to be re-applied from time to time. But, as in copper plumbing connections, the joints in copper gutters are soldered. This means homeowners don’t have to worry about leakage.

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Seamless Copper Gutter Installation

A copper gutter installation unquestionably serves as testimonial to craftsmanship and quality. Rather than blending in, copper gutters and downspouts are a design statement, as much a part of stand-out architecture as the rest of a home’s distinctive elements.


We at Stay Dry Roofing are experts in seamless copper gutter installation. As well we should be! Our family owned and locally operated business has served the finer homes and historical neighborhoods throughout the Greater Indianapolis area. Contact us for a FREE ESTIMATE on copper gutter installation anywhere in the Indianapolis area and surrounding communities, including Avon, Carmel, Greenwood and more!

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