Metal Roof Repair


Buying a new roof is an investment, and it’s only natural to want the very best product possible for your money

In addition to hiring a quality installation team with plenty of experience, the material you select is vital. Metal is well-known for its durability and ability to resist damage from the elements, two qualities that make it excellent as a roofing material. With that said, there are certain circumstances when you might need to look into roof repair or metal patches. Let’s look at what kind of repair metal roofs typically need and what kind of metal roofing contractor you will need to finish the job.

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Metal Roof Repair

Do metal roofs need repair?

Roof leak repair isn’t a new concept, especially in homes with more traditional asphalt shingles. Water eventually wears down the shingles and finds its way inside your home, an issue that could cause even more serious property damage if left unchecked. But how often does a metal roof need to be replaced?

In short, not often. Under normal circumstances, your metal roof should last anywhere from 40 years to 70 years, even if it requires the occasional reapplication of metal roof sealant or a metal roof patch. That’s because metal roofs leaking is not a common problem, however it is not unheard of. There are a few different reasons why you might need to invest in metal roof repair, with storm damage and faulty installation being the primary culprits. Make sure to reach out to an experienced roof repair team like Stay Dry Roofing when you find yourself in need!

Metal roofs are notorious for their low maintenance needs, however that doesn’t mean they need no attention at all. Sticking to a few basic guidelines can help you avoid the need to face a high roof leak repair cost in the future. First, make sure to examine your roof every year and look for surface damage. You should also look at your roof overlay, if applicable, to ensure that moisture is not trapped within it. Consider asking a professional to examine it every year or so, too, just to make sure you aren’t missing anything.

Roof repair costs are notorious for being quite expensive, but how much to repair a metal roof? As with most things, the roof repair price can vary depending upon the specifics of your situation. If the metal is highly corroded and needs to be replaced, for example, you might find yourself spending quite a bit. If you only need a small metal roof patch, on the other hand, the cost might not be too high at all. Note that the cost for emergency roof repair is generally higher due to the urgent nature of the work.

While it’s generally a good idea to call a professional if you believe your roof might be compromised, there are a few tasks that you can probably tackle yourself. Buying and applying flat roof sealant, for example, is a straightforward process that could fix your problem quickly and easily. The same is true of metal roof leak repair sealant. But where to buy metal roof sealer?

The good news is that things like sealants should be readily available at both local hardware stores as well as larger home repair shops.

It’s important to recognize when the time to call in professional help as arrived. If you realize that the problem with your roof is more serious – or even just a bit different – than what you originally thought, consider reaching out to professional roof repair companies. Stay Dry Roofing, for example, offers emergency roof repair as well as more typical repairs, including the application of roofing tar, metal roof coating, and roof flashing repair. Our professionals have plenty of experience and are ready to help get your roof back into great shape.


Are you in need of roof repair, or perhaps simply a roof inspection? The team at Stay Dry Roofing is here to meet all of your roof leak repair needs. Whether the issue is something simple like a minor leak or something a bit more serious that requires metal patches, we have the experience and knowledge needed to identify and fix the issue as quickly as possible.

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