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Clogged gutters aren’t just a hassle, they can cause serious and expensive home and roof repair problems. Heavy storms can make clogged gutters overflow. When that happens, instead of the water being carried safely through the downspouts and away from your house, it is dumps next to the house’s foundations, eroding the soil around them and often even causing basements or crawl spaces to flood. But the troubles, labor and safety risks of gutter cleaning on your own, or having to pay for an expensive service, can be a thing of the past when you choose gutter installation by Stay Dry Roofing, featuring a gutter guard system for your home.

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The Hassles And Risks Of Gutter Cleaning And How To Stop Them

What causes clogs and the constant need for gutter cleaning? That depends on what surrounds your home and how well protected your gutters are. Organic leaf material and other tree litter like twigs and loose bark is common. And when seeds get a chance to germinate in that litter, you may end up with sprouts that cause even more solid clogging with their roots. Mold often forms on rotting tree litter left too long in gutters, too. Rodents may burrow into the debris, causing it to pack even more densely, and the remains of birds’ nests and even dead animals have frequently been found in gutters by many a dismayed homeowner during gutter cleaning.

But even if you have no trees near your gutters, the natural wear and tear of your roof can clog your gutter as well. Surface granules and simple dirt or grit will eventually find their way into your gutters. It’s common to find minute shingling fragments and roofing nails. Fragmented masonry, too, if you have a chimney.


The simple fact is, sooner or later, all gutter systems need cleaning

 It is crucial to maintain a clean, free-flowing gutter system to prevent flooded basements and other water damage that can result from gutter clogs and overflow. The problem is that gutter cleaning is hard, time consuming, filthy work. And dangerous to boot. A fall from a ladder can be devastating for your family on so many levels. Contact with molds, rot or decaying animal carcasses can put your health at risk.

But you can drastically reduce all of the above by replacing your old gutters with a quality gutter installation using a gutter guard system. Stay Dry Roofing specializes in systems that protect the top of your gutters, significantly reducing the need for gutter cleaning, saving you hours of hard work and limiting your chances of injury or illness risks of gutter cleaning on your own. Do you pay a gutter cleaning service? That ongoing expense will drop dramatically, too.

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