Waiving Insurance Deductibles on Roof’s?

Waiving Insurance Deductibles on Roofs

After a storm the scam artists come out in full force it seems, offering deals that are too good to be true and discounts that seem like they would never be able to survive on. When it comes to roofing services, remember that in almost all cases, if it sounds too good to be true then it probably is! At Stay Dry Roofing we have seen far too many of our clients contact us after they fell victim to a scam. Many roofing scams offer promises such as:

  • waiving insurance deductibles on roof work
  • reimbursement of the deductible
  • getting the roof work done at no cost to the homeowner
  • offering deductible payment assistance
  • MASKING THE DEDUCTIBLE AS SOMETHING ELSE ( This is still illegal and you could get penalized severely)

It seems like a great deal at first glance, but remember too good is too good! Buyer beware! For answers to the question of “Can roofers pay your insurance deductible?’ read on:

Waiving Insurance Deductibles on Roof Work

One of the ways that some of the less than moral roofing companies get away with paying the deductible is they will charge you the full amount the insurance company has agreed to pay out- whether the project needs it or not. They will charge you the price they quoted and then find extra add-ons that will change the final price you are given that you will then pass on to the insurance company when you file your claim. This leaves the insurer over-billed—and has the potential of landing you with insurance fraud or at the very least a lot of hassle, red tape, questions, and work that will take some time to unravel and take care of!

What To Look For, And What To Avoid

Out-of-town “storm chasers” should always raise suspicious flags. It is important to make sure you check where the roofing contractors are based out of and where they are licensed.This is a much better situation than having someone who is not licensed in your state. If there is ever talk of waiving insurance deductibles then run. Someone who promises to pay things for you or wants to come in without you contacting them first to do roofing work for you is a sign to politely decline.  It’s best to call a local contractor. Anyone who offers to waive insurance deductibles on roof work they want to do for you is someone who usually should not be trusted- nine times out of ten it will end up costing you just as much or even more than if you just did things the normal, legal way. If someone asks can roofers pay your insurance deductible legally the answer is no, though some will argue it is possible and doable if you are willing to take the risk. Here at Stay Dry Roofing we encourage everyone to walk or run away from any roofing contractor who offers to cover your insurance premiums.

Waiving Insurance Deductibles on Roof Work

Here at Stay Dry Roofing, we are committed to providing the very best in quality service to each and every one of our customers. We will never cut corners or try to pad our pockets at your expense. Waiving insurance deductibles on roof work no reputable contractor will ever suggest and neither will we! We have had customers come to us during their first consultation and ask us “can roofers pay your insurance deductible for you?” and we use this as a chance to educate them about the legalities of this matter.  If you would like to know more about this and how to protect yourself, call us and set up your consultation appointment today so we can help take the confusion out of it all for you!

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