Reasons For Residential Paint Touchups

The look of your home from the outside goes a long way in boosting the curb appeal- and the higher the curb appeal the more your home is worth and more likely it will be to sell when you put it up on the market. Taking care of the exterior painting of your home is one way to protect the curb appeal and add value to your home. There are a number of benefits of paint touchups and several reasons why homeowners should consider it:

home exterior upgrades

Covering Wood Damage

Many homes have wood components, whether it is the siding or window frames or other features of the home’s exterior architecture. Over the years, the wood can become damaged, begin to rot, or chip and peel away with the effects of weather and exposure.  We can help reverse this damage and can restore the look of your home with a fresh coat of pain. But we will do more than just that!  We will work to remove or repair the damaged areas before we proceed with the paint job.

Scrape / Sanding

If you have old paint that is peeling, loose, cracking, or pulling off, we can help! We offer exterior painting preparations services that include scrapping off old paint and sanding areas before the new paint is applied. The benefits of paint touchups and reapplications can be easily seen and can really make your home look and feel like a whole new house from the outside.


Stay Dry Roofing’s home exterior experts will prime all areas to be painted with a high-grade professional strength primer. We also have a special grade masonry primer that we use on concrete, block, bricks, and similar surfaces that are being painted for the first time to help ensure a quality finished product. Priming is an essential part of proper prep work and all exterior painting work usually requires at least some sort of priming work.

Quality Caulking

While there is some debate among professionals about how caulking should be used, here at Stay Dry Roofing we use quality professional grade caulking to help finish ay painting work done around windows, doors, frames, and other features of the home’s exterior. Caulking not only keeps your home looking beautiful, it is also an essential piece of the puzzle to protect the home.

For more information on exterior painting and what benefits of paint touchups you can enjoy, we invite you to contact us today and see the Stay Dry Roofing difference for yourself!