Questions About Commercial Roofing and How COVID-19 Will Affect the Future

Commercial Roofing During a COVID-19 Pandemic

As we’ve all learned over the course of the past several weeks, COVID-19, often referred to as the coronavirus, has produced a global pandemic. Here in the US, there are cases in every state, and the White House task force has issued the alarming warning that as many as 240,000 Americans could die if we don’t all work together to slow the rate of transmission. (COVID-19 is most likely to prove fatal to seniors, people with preexisting health problems, and other high-risk groups, but even young and seemingly robust individuals have died from the disease.)

Commercial Roofing During a COVID-19 Pandemic

With that warning firmly in mind, people are striving to “flatten the curve” by practicing social distancing, staying at home when at all possible, etc. Yet at the same time, life can’t come completely to a halt even when there’s a pandemic. Your place of business or commercial establishment, for example, may still be in need of a service like commercial roof maintenance, commercial roof construction, or commercial roof repair.

But are these services even available? If so, what should you know about them? Here at Stay Dry Roofing, we thought it might be helpful to provide some basic information about how we’re operating currently and how we expect to operate for the foreseeable future.

Commercial Roofing and COVID-19: Can Anything Even Be Done?

This, of course, is the most basic question. Even if your establishment is in urgent need of commercial roofing services from a commercial roofing specialist, is there any way to get them?

The simple answer to that is yes. Stay Dry Roofing is open for business, and our professionals are ready to engage with new customers and continue with those who have already contacted us at whatever stage of the process they may be on. We’re still providing first discussions, site visits, commercial roof inspection, tear offs, complete commercial roof construction and commercial roof restoration, and warranties to meet your needs.

Commercial Roofing and COVID-19: Financing

We understand that the coronavirus epidemic has hit many businesses hard as customers shelter at home, and if your establishment is experiencing difficulties, we still want to help you get the commercial roofing repair you need before a leaking roof compounds your problems. We’re happy to discuss pushing back or extending payment terms.

Commercial Roofing and COVID-19: Safety

We can assure you that commercial roof inspection, commercial roof maintenance, and commercial roof construction from Stay Dry Roof will not increase your risk of contracting coronavirus.

The most basic reason for this is that the roofers work on the outside of your establishment. Thus, social distancing is not a concern. The commercial roofing specialists typically won’t need to interact with the workers inside at all, and if for some reason they should, they can do so over the phone.

Rest assured, however, that we at Stay Dry Roofing aren’t depending solely on the fundamental nature of roofing to keep you (and our employees) safe. There are additional safety precautions in place.

A portable toilet complete with sanitation station ensures that roofers won’t have to enter your establishment to use the facilities and will have clean, disinfected hands when they return to their work.

In the interests of social distancing, our office staff will work from home for the duration.

Whenever possible, we’ll encourage roofers to meet at the job site instead of traveling there with several riding in close proximity in a single company vehicle.

We follow all CDC recommendations for keeping a worksite clean and will follow any issued in the future.

Commercial Roofing and COVID-19: Is This Actually a Good Time to Get the Work Done?

The most basic answer here is that you should always get commercial roofing work done ASAP if the alternative is allowing a problem to get worse. Delay can result in more damage and a more costly roof repair.

Beyond that, though, if you have employees working from home while the commercial roofing job is underway, the ongoing work won’t distract them and undermine their productivity. We at Stay Dry Roofing hope this discussion has proved useful. If you have commercial roofing needs, we invite you to get in touch.