Hiring A Roof Snow Removal Service

How To Choose Roof Snow Removal Services In Indianapolis

Hiring A Roof Snow Removal Service

A brilliant white blanket of snow is a lovely sight. But not after a large storm dumps a dangerous amount atop your roof. Of course, you can always try removing it yourself. But putting your back into the task a little too hard or…heaven forbid…one wrong step on wet, slick shingling or missing a rung on the ladder while you try to clear your roof can wind up putting something far more precious to your family at risk than just a few dollars. Even if the unthinkable doesn’t happen, what if you do more harm than good, causing costly roof repairs or gutter damage? That’s why more and more homeowners use a roof snow removal service.

Hiring a professional roof snow removal service is a sound way to make the most of your time and avoid dangerous accidents. After all, your family depends on you. But it’s important to do your research before hiring a roof snow removal service, and Stay Dry Roofing in the Indianapolis area has some tips on what to look for when you do.

Fluffy Does NOT Equal Light Weight

It may look light and fluffy, even on your roof. But snow is deceptively heavy. Consider what you see on new stories about the destructive power of avalanches. Allowing snow to accumulate after several snowfalls, or ignoring the multiple inches that a big storm dumps on your roof, threatens roof structure in a number of ways. It doesn’t take many inches of snow to over-burden trusses and rafters. It’s one of the primary reasons why a snow removal service is well worth the money.

A foot of snow equals an inch of liquid water. And a single inch or ice has a weight of about five pounds for a square foot. More than just a few inches of snow lying over an entire roof can represent a serious fatigue factor. And keep in mind: snow usually gets heavier when allowed to sit for a period of time. Snow melts and turns to ice. When additional snow falls it repeats the process, adding additional weight to your roof. Excess weight on your roof and can cause leaks and even cause parts of the roof to collapse.

While most roofs in good condition will likely withstand the extra weight for five, six or seven days, perhaps even a couple of weeks, it becomes very clear that the need for roof snow removal before accumulation becomes very thick is crucial.

There’s also the problem of melt water against your roof that occurs just under the still-frozen snow layer. When this snow melt re-freezes as it reaches your eaves, it can cause ice dams that do serious damage to shingles and the roof sheathing below. The damming is caused by continual melting and re-freezing between the snow layer and roof, preventing most of the melt from running off. Instead the melt seeps into creases and seams before re-freezing again, stressing any weak areas, rotting wood and forcing roof nails out of place. Snow roof removal is essential in preventing ice damming.

But winters in Indiana don’t only mean snow. They also mean ice storms. And if you have ever tried to remove a thick accumulation of ice from your roof after one of these epic events, you know how difficult and dangerous the job is, whether it’s ice or snow roof removal.

Why A Roof Snow Removal Service Is The Smart Choice

Does your family depend on the reliability of your income? Are you the soul wage earner? Or if, like so many families today, there are two income earners in your household how would the loss of one of those income streams due to a catastrophic accident impact your family’s well being? This is no small matter when considering whether you should hire a roof snow removal service.

If for this reason alone you hire a roof snow removal service, the benefits vastly outweigh the fee for the service. A professional snow removal service uses specialized equipment, safety gear and professional grade snow and ice removal tools.

Experience matters in a big way, as well. A bonded and reliable professional service has trained snow removal service people who know how to safely navigate on and around any style roof, whether residential roofs that have low slopes, high pitches, multiple gables and numerous vents or sky lighting, as well as all commercial roofing profiles.

When To Hire Roof Snow Removal Services In Indianapolis

But how do you know when to call a roof snow removal service? A good rule of thumb is when you have more than a few inches’ accumulation. But keep in mind, you don’t want even a seemingly few inches of snow or ice to sit on your roof indefinitely.

Having said that, there is usually a safety margin before damage begins. This means that there’s no need to panic and do something unsafe while a storm is moving through. Once the danger is past, call a qualified, trusted company that is experienced in roof snow removal services in the Indianapolis area. Frankly, Stay Dry Roofing is just such a company. We will come to your home for a free consultation, honest evaluation and estimate.

Roof Snow Removal Services By Stay Dry Roofing

Stay Dry Roofing has specialized equipment, allowing our roof snow removal experts to work from the ground as much as possible, including specially designed gear that allows roof raking with far more volume, effectiveness and speed than typical big-box store roof rakes. Our trained pros know how to prevent shingle or gutter dislodgement during the removal of heavy snow accumulation and ice dams. Should rooftop work become necessary, we have the right safety gear to prevent accidents and use great care in locating skylights and dryer or roof vents before beginning.

Protect your roof with Stay Dry Roofing’s quality, reliable roof snow removal services in Indianapolis and the surrounding area. As a family owned and operated business, FREE ESTIMATES are all a part of how we do business. Proudly serving Indianapolis, Greenwood, Carmel, Noblesville, Fishers, Brownsburg, Greenfield, Franklin, Martinsville, Avon and many more nearby communities.

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