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Dependable Snow Removal Roof Services

As a family owned and locally operated Indianapolis business for over 30 years, Stay Dry Roofing knows how important raking snow from roofs is in preventing harmful ice dam formations. It’s every bit as crucial as the right attic insulation or quality roof repair. If your home uses rooftop solar panels, snow removal roof services also helps to improve their efficiency during winter.

Indiana winters can produce exceptionally heavy snowfall. If snow and ice builds up, the weight can stress your roof’s load capacity, particularly in the case of an older roof or those that are flat or have lower pitches. Snow can force melt water through existing leaks in your roof. Snow accumulation can also cause destructive ice dams, those humps of ice that typically form along the eaves of your house. They form when accumulated snow melts against the roof and flows downward beneath the upper more insulating layer of snow, then refreeze when temperatures reach below freezing. When ice dams grow large enough, water will collect behind them and form little pools. The pools trickle beneath shingles until they reach fastener holes, where they drip into the house.

That’s why snow removal roof services, particularly after severe winter storms, are an important part of roof maintenance. Stay Dry Roofing has been raking snow from roofs for our customers for decades, and can get the job done right, efficiently and safely.

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Why Choose Stay Dry Roofing Snow Removal Roof Services?

If not done properly, snow removal can be dangerous. Roof work always carries with it a risk of falling or slipping. Those dangers are multiplied in winter. That’s why the better choice is to use professional snow removal roof services. Doing so is a maintenance investment on many levels: helping you lengthen the lifespan of your roof, keeping your heating system running more efficiently, saving you from back-breaking labor and avoiding potential injury that can impact your family’s livelihood.

Stay Dry Roofing uses special equipment that allows us to work from the ground as much as possible, including specially designed gear that allows raking snow from roofs with much more volume, effectiveness and speed than standard hardware store roof rakes . Our trained pros are experienced in how to prevent shingle or gutter dislodgement when removing heavy snow and ice dams. Should rooftop work become necessary, we have the right safety gear to prevent accidents and use great care in locating skylights and dryer or roof vents before beginning.

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