Check List for Summer Roof Inspections

Check List for Summer Roof Inspections

Warm weather is here and while the threat of snow and ice damage is gone, this is still no time to get lazy with your roof care and inspection routine. During the summer roofing needs still exist and must be addressed to keep your roofing system in tip top shape.  Here at Stay Dry Roofing, we know how important your home’s roof is so we wanted to share a quick checklist of the areas you need to be paying attention to this summer during your roof inspections:

Peaks and Valleys

The top of the roof peaks and the bottom of the roof valleys are prime areas for roofing issues. Leaks are common here as is excessive wear and tear due to the volume of water flowing over these areas and the potential for storm impacts.

Gutter and Soffits

Summer roofing needs to stay a top priority so you should do checks of the gutters and soffits every few months. Gutters clogged with dirt and debris hold water and cause ponding on the roof which leads to leak and rotting roof supports. The soffits can also deteriorate and cause moisture to get into the roof and cause damage so they need to be inspected too!

Tiles and Shingles

Of all the components of roofing systems, the outer covering is the easiest to inspect. Tiles and shingles, along with wooden or metal panels, need to be inspected to ensure there is no cracking, warping, corroding, peeling, or other damaging effects that will compromise the integrity of the roof. 


Metal or plastic flashing is used to seal gaps and seams where the roofing material meets areas that shingles and tile cannot be laid- against a wall, chimney, skylight, or equipment installed on the roof. Flashing prevents leaks but if the seals are cracked or damaged, water can get into the roofing system and cause damage. This is one of the big summer roofing needs that can’t be ignored.


Anytime there is a summer storm, high winds, torrential rains, hail, and storm debris is likely. All of these things can damage the components of your roof so it is very important to inspect after the storm has passed and check for signs of damage. Broken or cracked shingles and tiles, damaged flashing, hail and limb damage and any signs of leaks noticed from inside the home need to be addressed quickly by a skilled and licensed roofing contractor! 

To get your summer roofing needs met, and to keep your roof in tip top shape all season long, call Stay Dry Roofing and let our experts handle everything for you!  Call today and speak to one of our friendly team members and discover the Stay Dry Roofing difference for yourself!