What Is The Cost Of Roof Repair In Indy?

Roof replacement seems easiest until you consider all the elements contributing to the overall cost. Besides the roofing material, additional items like nails and other accessories add to the roof repair cost. As you contact an Indianapolis roofer, make sure to ask for a quotation since each roofing project will have a different cost. Depending on your roof repair needs, the roof replacement cost will vary. However, an average estimation can guide you when making your budget. So what is the actual cost of roof repair in Indy? Keep reading for more details.

Cost Of Roof Repair In Indy

New Roof Cost Estimations

Some experts believe that a roof replacement project should cost anything $5,100 and $10,000. However, in reality, such projects can be as low as $1200 or be on the higher end of $30,000. Such projects are diverse, and the cost varies immensely. One of the major determinants of this price would be its size, with most houses having an average roof size of about 1700square feet. However, in Des Moines, roofs average about 3000 square feet in size. Besides the size, elements such as the material used and the extent of the damage or the complexity of the roof repair will affect the project’s overall cost.

If you want to keep the cost down, you may have to compromise on the quality of workmanship and the roofing material, choosing to go with low-grade roofing materials. You may also have to forget about certain details, including gutter replacement, because these extra details increase the overall cost of the roof repair project. Unfortunately, once you compromise on the quality, you will have to be ready to replace the same roof sooner. Investing in high-quality roof repairs is something you need to do since it increases your warranty and lasts long enough to give you value for money.

However, you can also look for roofers Indianapolis Indiana offers and find out if they can give free roof repair quotes. This is a legit way of saving cash without compromising on roof quality. Note that roofers will discuss the roof repair cost in squares. This means they have to come to the site and take exact measurements before estimating costs. Once they have the size, they can use this information when calculating the cost of the whole project in terms of materials, labor, and any other miscellaneous costs since these are the majority.

What to Expect when Re-shingle Your Roof

Most roofs have shingles as the roofing material. Therefore, roofing experts will have to reshingle after uncovering the roof’s leaking section whenever a roof leak repair is needed. Averagely, most roofing experts will charge about $7,200 to re-shingle. However, this cost may vary drastically depending on the roofing project at hand. The shingle material used, the size of the roof, and the geographical location of the area all affect the cost to re-shingle. If you are interested in a simple repair and not interested in a re-shingle project, your roof repair cost will be very low. In the same manner, fixing a few shingles will certainly be cheaper than having to fix the entire roof. Some roofing calculators average the cost of shingle repairs at about $650.

Replacing Asphalt Three Tab Shingles

As already mentioned, the roofing material will be the biggest determinant of the overall roof repair cost. In this case, the asphalt three-tab shingles are the cheapest shingle. A square of this material will cost about $150 to $200. However, it can only work perfectly in areas without strong winds since it is too thin and most susceptible to wind damage.

You need to be aware that this roofing material may not comply with the building code. If the roofer you hire recommends it, you should take caution since the three-tab shingle does not meet the minimum standards required. It is way below the 90 MPH wind requirement. Anything lower than that would not be a waste of cash especially if you live in an area with harsh wind storms.

Cost of Architectural Asphalt Shingles Replacement

Architectural shingles are also another common option when it comes to roofing. These give at least 30 to 50 years of service, hence their popularity. They are also commonly known as laminate shingles and are better and of higher quality. When it comes to cost, the 30-year shingles tend to cost between $350 to $500 per square, while the 50 years ones, which are considered as premium quality shingles, go for $450 to $700+ per square. Due to the high quality, such shingles come with a good warranty, hence the extensive guarantees. As you consider roof repairs, always ask for a warranty.

Quality roofing comes with a significant warranty, and that is the easiest way to tell that the roofing is of excellent quality. Generally, such top-grade roofing material will go for about $8 to $20 per square and have an extra cost for the upgrades. Expect to pay a lot more if you work with a top contractor since these will charge you higher. What’s more, the material will have a higher resistance to wind and other weather elements hence will last longer.

Extra Factors to Consider When Exploring Roof Repair Cost Options

Besides the size and material, there are many more factors that influence the pricing of a roof repair project. Outlined below are some of the most common extra cost additions you need to factor in when costing. Whether the cost will fall on you directly, or the contractor will shoulder it on their end, one way or another, these will reflect in your overall cost of roofing.


Every roofing project needs nails. They may seem like a small or trivial cost until you look at the actual cost. Usually, a box of roofing nails goes for $16 to $27, and a roof requires a minimum of two boxes. By the time the roof replacement project is done, the nail cost may have significantly increased.

Ice and Water Barrier

When repairing your roofs, there are many things you need to factor in. Besides considering the skylight repair or other obvious repairs, the ice and water barrier shield your roof from water damage during winter and other seasons. These barriers may be costly depending on the type you choose and the layers put in the project. But, again, roofing experts will have their professional recommendations.


Roof ventilation is important. It promotes adequate air circulation and prevents mold and rot in the attic. Proper ventilation plays a significant role in the roof’s longevity and the home’s energy efficiency. Be careful about contractors who ignore such details and fail to replace them since this will have serious implications. No one wants to replace a new roof faster than they have to simply because of such mistakes. No matter how excellent the roofing material is, small issues like failing to replace or work on the ventilation lower the quality faster, leading to the deterioration of the roof.

Other Factors that May Affect the Cost of the Roof

Besides the obvious cost-influencing factors, other hidden elements may push the roof replacement cost upwards. These include:

  1. Labor cost. Labor varies from one area to another. The total cost you pay for roof replacement in your locality will thus be based on the local rates there.
  2. Extra roof protection. If you intend to include a few other protective measures to keep your roof in good shape, you have to prepare for the additional cost. Things like roof flashing and drip edge all bring the cost up. Even so, they are extremely important.

The bottom line is to always work with professional roofing experts who understand what it takes to end up with the best roof. A roof replacement project is not a cheap affair and should be treated with a lot of caution. Make sure you have the right professionals on your side while at it.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much does it cost to repair a roof?

It depends. Roof repairs vary depending on many factors. Even so, the average cost could be anything between $5,100 and $10,000. However, some roof repair projects can be as low as $1,000, while others can be as high as $30,000. On average, the cost per square foot is considered to be between $3.5 to $5

  1. Can a roof be repaired instead of replaced

Yes. If the damage is minor, roof repairs will work for the short term. However, when the roof issues escalate, they require major work, and replacement is more advisable.

  1. What is the cheapest way to repair a roof?

How cheap a roof repair depends on the material used. Usually, asphalt is the cheapest roofing material hence the cheapest roof repairs involve using it as a roof replacement. However, there are three different types of asphalt, each with a different price and quality.

  1. How long does it take to repair a roof leak?

There is no specific answer to this question because it all depends on the situation at hand. Most roof leaks will require a few hours to fix, especially if they are minor and the roofing material is not old. However, the average duration to fix a roof leak will be anything from 1 to 3 days, depending on the complexity of the roof and leak.