What Is the Cost of Commercial Roof Maintenance?

Many people unfortunately only pay attention to their commercial roof systems when it’s too late. This is because owners tend to put off maintenance, believe it’s not important, or they assume maintenance costs too much. The cost of commercial roof maintenance isn’t actually high if you plan ahead and schedule a check at least once a year.

What Is the Cost of Commercial Roof Maintenance

What Does Roof Maintenance Entail?

Your roofing company often offers a maintenance plan to help keep commercial roofs in optimum condition. Other than an inspection, the maintenance includes cleaning and repairs. This will ensure that your roof can last longer.

Basic maintenance involves a thorough look over the condition of your commercial roof. It’ll include checking for damage, potential problems, and other anomalies. A roofer can detect problems early to fix them much like doctors discovering a condition quickly to treat it. In both scenarios, you can expect to spend less money and time to address the problem.

Some plans offer more than a basic inspection. The roofers will clean your gutters, seal leaks up, and perform other minor repairs as necessary. As a whole, the more expensive the plan, the more coverage it offers.

So what does the maintenance involve as a whole? Assuming you’re on the best plan possible, your plan covers visible repairs, roof reports, a complete inspection, an infrared roof survey, and even no-leak guarantees. Other factors can affect the plan, however.

Some other apparent fixes and repairs you can expect are gutter aligning, reinforcing the flashing, and ensuring the shingles or tiles are properly affixed or replaced. These aren’t signs your roof requires intensive repairs, but addressing them immediately will cost less in the long run.

Often, a roofing company sends out contractors to perform the inspection and any possible minor repairs. The contractor should check every square inch of the roof for any damage or wear, as well as anything that can be a problem in the future. Despite this, no one knows more about your roof than your regular roofer.

If you work with your roofer for a long time, they will eventually know how to maintain your roof better. They can provide you with a lot of important information on what to do. Ultimately, you might save more money this way.

What Is the Cost of Commercial Roof Maintenance?

A typical commercial roof maintenance plan includes three factors, being the roof inspection, cleaning, and an inspection report after the checkup. This doesn’t include repairs or fixes, but it does cover everything needed to maintain your roof.

In a basic plan like this, you can be expected to be charged $0.03 per square foot, sometimes $0.04 or more. In all, the larger your roof area is, the more money you’ll have to spend on making sure it’s in perfect condition. If you want to, you can even pay for a few visits in advance for future inspections and maintenance.

Assuming your roof is $15,000 square feet in area, you can expect to spend around $450 for an annual roof maintenance visit. Keep in mind this isn’t a concrete price, however.

Often, the contractor will also charge you for fuel, depending on where you live. You can be charged around $0.75 a mile, which means that the further away you are, the more expensive this charge is.

We’ve covered the basic costs, so let’s move on to some other factors affecting the price. This is where things can get tricky, so it’s best to consult the contractors and roofers. After all, they know more about the subject.

Your roof’s condition, accessibility, layout, and other specifications can affect the price as well. The more difficult it is for contractors to perform inspections and maintenance, the higher the price is. Ultimately, it’s up to the plan and the company as to how much it will cost.

If your roof is in good condition, you can expect to see less charged for maintenance. You can ensure this by regularly checking your roof as well. If you detect a problem early, fixing it should be rather straightforward and easy.

Accessibility is another important factor that can affect the total costs. If your roof is hard to navigate or gain access to, the contractors will have to bring in equipment to assist them. You often have to pay extra when this is the case.

The reason you have to pay more is because the contractors and roofers rent equipment to help them reach a roof. If the company does have one, the equipment must also be maintained and kept in working order. This is why a convenient roof is cheaper than a roof that is hard to reach.

A roof with multiple layers will require a lot more time and care, and the contractors will have to slow down. This also increases the total costs. A simpler layout will be cheaper to maintain due to how straightforward it is.

Should You Sign Up for a Maintenance Plan?

Compared to spending thousands for roof replacements and major repairs, a maintenance plan is much cheaper and saves more money in the long run. Not only is your roof always maintained, but if you’re working with the contractor that originally worked on your home, you don’t have to waste time. They already know your roof and how best to maintain it.

Maintenance plans are also upgradeable if you desire. They offer a lot of value for the amount you pay, instead of shelling out a large sum for serious repairs without a plan. Premium plans offer a lot of coverage too, and you get a lot of information about your own roof.


What is the cost of commercial roof maintenance? It varies widely due to having many factors to account for. It’s best to talk to the contractor or company to find out about your own roof.

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