Types of Popular Roofing Systems to Consider

When you are designing your dream home and are working on a new home construction, you will need to give careful thought to what type of roofing system you will install.  There is a lot of work that goes into designing roofing styles that are the right fit for a particular home.  It can be very helpful understand the basics of some of the more popular roofing systems used today:

Gabled Roof

This is perhaps the most common type of roofing setup used for homes. It is also known as a pitched or peaked roof and they are easy to pick out in a row of houses because of their triangular shape.

Pros: Gable roofs have a good slow to shed water and snow away and also offer ample attic space for ac units and other equipment. This roofing style also is easy to setup and install, making it one of the cheapest options for homeowners.

Cons: Gable roofs are not as resistant against high wind and often do not fare as well as other roof types in hurricane-prone areas. If the frames are not properly constructed to hold the weight of the roof it can also be prone to collapse.

Flat Roof

Like the name says, this is one of the popular roofing systems that is made to be perfectly flat, with minimal slope- just enough to allow for rain runoff. These roofs are most commonly used in commercial settings but can be used for residential homes as well.

Pros:  Flat roofs are easier to construct than other roofs that have slopes and require less material. They also can be used as living space and are often turned into patio and deck areas for outside entertainment space.

Cons: The low pitch of this roof type makes it very susceptible to water leaks and water damage during periods of heavy rain. If you live in an area that gets a lot of rain or snow, this may not be the best roofing choice.

Skillion Roof

Commonly called a shed roof or lean-to roof, this design is made with a single steep slope for water and snow run-off. Basically, it is an angled flat roof and has no other peaks or valleys in the design.

Pros: Skillions go up easy and cheap due to the simple design and basic materials needed. Their steep pitch makes them perfect for high rain and snow areas, making them the most popular roofing systems for these regions of the country

Cons: If a roof pitch is too high it oftentimes cuts into the ceiling space in the living area underneath. It can also be damaged if high winds hit it broadside. These are the biggest points to consider when designing roofing styles of this type.

Pyramid Roof

The final popular roof style you might want to consider is the pyramid roof, a type of hip roof design. All of the sides of the roof’s slope come to a point at the top of to form the peak of the roof. No vertical sides or gables are used in this setup.

Pros: A pyramid roof holds up well against high winds due to the strong nature of the pyramid shape. The design offers more attic space for storage and ventilation and can even help lower heating and cooling costs in some areas.

Cons: The cost of this type of popular roofing system is usually higher than the others due to the more complex setup and installation requirements. They are also harder to maintain and clean when it is necessary to do so.

These are just four of the popular roofing systems that you can choose from when you are trying to find the roof that is just right for your home. If you need help deciphering the choices or have questions about designing roofing styles, give us a call and see for yourself why more people trust Stay Dry Roofing for all of your roof installation and care needs!