Top 5 Steps to Take If You Experience Roof Damage in Indianapolis

The state of Indiana is known for its tornadoes and humid weather. That means that homeowners should be prepared for possible damage to their houses, especially roof damage since it’s one of the most essential parts of a home. A roof keeps the heat inside the house and protects people and property inside from natural elements. Roof damage can lead to a string of other issues and complications, so it’s important to maintain its integrity.

Steps to Take If You Experience Roof Damage in Indianapolis

What Types of Roof Damage are There?

Structural Damage

Structural damage happens when the supports start shifting or failing, resulting in your roof buckling or tilting. This type of damage is very serious and calls for structural repair.

Roofing Materials Wear

Over-time wear and tear are inevitable in a roof. If you can spot rust, moss, or visibly aged shingles, call a professional and request an inspection. Your roof might be needing local repair or even a full replacement.


Indianapolis experiences strong winds, especially in the spring season. Hurricane-force winds and gale-force winds can cause significant damage to your roof.


Hailstorms can leave dents in shingles or loosen them. This is the type of damage that needs to be fixed, to prevent leakage and sun damage.


As a part of storm aftermath, you might find debris on the top of your roof, which could include garbage and tree branches. Those objects can damage the shingles.

Standing Water

If water stays on your roof after rainstorms or you have clogged gutters, this can lead moisture to penetrate the underlayment or your roof deck, causing rust and rot.

Fallen Tree

If a tree fell on your house, remember to stay out. Request an inspection from a tree or a roofing company. A fallen tree can cause serious damage to your home’s structure.

What Steps to Take if Your Roof Has Been Damaged

1. Take pictures and Document Everything

Take photos of any damage and irregularities that you notice. This will help you in explaining what damage you need to address when you’ll be requesting a quote from a roofing contractor or when you talk to your insurance provider.

2. Schedule a Roof Inspection

Contact a professional roofing contractor to request an inspection and get a damage assessment. Most companies will offer free inspections.

Fully assess the damage by looking in the yard for any bits of shingles on the ground. Additionally, if there are any dents on the sides of your house, there’s a good chance there’s damage on your roof as well.

If there was a storm, check your attic for water leaks. Check your chimney and metal fascia on the roof for any undone metal parts.

3. Understand your warranty

Check your roof warranty to see what types of repairs it covers. Not every roof warranty will cover the repair after damages caused by natural elements or extreme weather. It might only cover the replacement of defective parts, so make sure you know exactly what is covered before you talk to the insurance provider.

4. Contact your insurance company

Once you’ve identified the damage, documented it and confirmed your warranty, you can call the insurance provider and start a claim. You might be eligible for different types of coverage, depending on the type of damage your roof has and how old it is. If there’s damage caused by a storm, call your insurance provider as soon as you can. They might send their own inspector to assess the damage and what repairs need to be done.

5. Choose a Roofing Contractor

This is the final step in dealing with roof damage. Find a trusted, professional roofing company with a good reputation and reviews. Stay Dry Roofing focuses on residential and commercial roof replacement and repairs in the Indianapolis area. We will help you assess the damage, consult you on the best types of repair, recommend the best materials for your needs, and, most importantly, provide the best quality repair for your roof.

Finding that your home has been damaged can be very stressful. And a roof is one of the integral parts of your home, that inevitably affects the rest of the house and the safety of your family members and your belongings. We will help you alleviate the burden by guiding you through the process and ensuring you receive the best care for your home. A person’s home is a safe haven and we will help you keep it that way whenever its integrity is compromised.

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