Snow on the Roof: What You Should Know

Snow on the Roof: Risks to be Aware Of

winter trouble for roofsSnow on the roof is a common sight in the winter. Many charming photos make it look so pretty, yet it is a serious risk faced by homeowners and business owners alike. During a big winter snow storm, people are asked to take shelter and take steps to protect themselves and their homes. But how can you trust your safety inside should your roof not be able to hold all the added weight of the snow and ice that forms during a big storm or heavy snow fall? If not addressed in time, heavy snow on the roof can result in the need for major roof repair or roof replacement at best or roof collapse at worst.

We here at Stay Dry Roofing in Indianapolis want to pass on valuable information to our customers while we’re in the deepest part of winter storm season. We can help you avoid major winter trouble for roofs, and keep you and your family safe and warm this winter season!

The Main Risks of Too Much Snow on the Roof

Too Much Weight.

Signs that your house be at risk from bearing the weight too much snow on the roof are:

  • Visible sagging in the roof that can be seen from inside the home, or in the attic, as well as being seen from outside on the ground.
  • Noises coming from the roof, like creaks or pops that are often continuous and are not associated with winds or other factors.
  • Leaks in ceilings can be signals of cracking and damage to the shingles, supports, beams, and overall structure due to excessive amounts of snow on the roof.
  • Ice and snow begins to slide off in large sheets and fall to the ground during the slight thawing that occurs during the season: an example of just one winter trouble for roofs.

Inattention to Proper Maintenance.

While flat or low-pitched roofing is at more risk, pitched roofs are also vulnerable. Roof failure from heavy snow and ice is one of the main sources of winter trouble for roofs. Preventative seasonal care during warmer months goes a long way in avoiding big problems after strong winter storms. It is important to stay on top of scheduled maintenance and necessary repairs during the warmer months, because it is much harder and much more risky to do repair work during snowy and icy conditions.

There always seems to be something around that can potentially damage your roof but this is particularly true of the winter months. You have put a lot of time, money, and energy into making your home to make it the best that it can be, so you need to take care of it from top to bottom, especially during inclement weather that can damage it. Proper preparation is important to make sure your roof is ready for what winter can throw at it.

There are many dangers associated with excessive accumulation of snow on the roof, which can also promote too much ice buildup. Putting off vital maintenance can put you at risk for roof collapse, damaged shingles or tiles, the formation of ice dams, torn flashing or gutters, water leaks, cracks and holes in the roofing, and other issues that can weaken or damage your roof. All it takes is a small issue and it can quickly grow out of hand, especially with the natural cycle of small thaws and refreezes that happen during the winter.

These reasons are why it’s important to do proper up-keep on your roof during the warmer months. The roof will be far better prepared to deal with the brutality of winter, especially during more severe storms.

Best Options for Keeping Snow on the Roof at a Minimum

Stay Dry Roofing provides professional snow removal services to ensure that your roof won’t have any issues with ice dams, leaks, or too much weight. Snow on the roof may look pretty in the pictures, but those of us who live in it know the dangers it can pose. That’s why our team of roofing experts goes to work to help you avoid the common winter troubles for roofs during the winter season.

We can help ensure everything is taken care of before the snows come, so your roof and your home in general are properly prepared to handle winter’s icy touch.

Roof Repair and Maintenance

Stay Dry Roofing is locally owned and operated, so we know what it takes to care for Indianapolis area roofs. Contact Us at (317) 308-7773 today to get a FREE QUOTE ON SNOW REMOVAL throughout our service area. We can help you with your plans for making sure your roof is ready for winter snow this season with proper winter preparation.

Make sure that snow on the roof is not something you are unprepared for. Let Stay Dry Roofing be your go-to team this winter, and we will help you deal with those pesky issues like snow and ice accumulation. You can stop worrying about that winter trouble for roofs and focus on having fun this season with your family and friends. Call us today to see how we can help you out and how we can help you deal with snow on the roof! You will be glad you did!