Roof Repair You Can’t Afford To Put Off

Knowing When You Need Roof Repair Is Important

Roof Repair You Can't Afford To Put Off

Of all the parts of your home, there is no structural element that is more important than a sound and sturdy roof. A good roof works to protect and shield, and is like a giant umbrella for your home. Of the walls, floors and other elements that comprise a house’s structure, a roof offers the greatest amount of shelter and protection. It helps keep everything safe and protects the things you cherish, from your family to your belongings. That’s why quality roof repair is so essential.

The concept of a roof over your head is one of the primal needs of safety and security that people need. But it is one of the important areas of home maintenance that many homeowners tend to overlook. Still other homeowners want to take the best care they can of their roof, but they struggle to understand how to tell when they need roof repair as opposed to roof replacement. Here at Stay Dry Roofing in Indianapolis, we can help make the differences clear.

Understanding When Roof Repair Is Essential

When your roof starts to fail and small things start to go wrong, these little things can get out of hand very quickly and grow into major issues without the proper roof repair. A loose shingle may lead to massive damage in the wake of a storm. A small leak can soon become a flood that pours into your home. Worn and damaged roofing can become weak and fail during times of heavy rain or snow fall.

It’s tempting to ignore small roofing problems and pretend that they are not there, or even convince yourself that they can wait until they are worth doing something about. But it is never a good idea to put off roof repair and maintenance. Getting them done when the problems are small can save you thousands and extend the life of your roof, keeping the need for full roof replacement years down the line.

Homeowners ask when to consider roof replacement, or how to know if they need to roof repair instead. Of course, there is always maintenance, upkeep and work that need to be done to keep your roof in the best possible shape. But when it comes to major roof repair issues, here are six things you should never ignore or discount when it comes to your roofing structure:

  1. A Leak in the Attic.

After a strong rain storm or a snow thaw happens, take some time to head up and check the attic for signs of leaking. Signs of moisture in the attic can indicate leaks, gaps in shingles, ice dams in winter, and other issues that will need roof repair sooner rather than later. Leaks like these are often ignored by homeowners until they become worse and, at that point, they are much more costly to fix and have usually done extensive damage that could have easily been avoided.

  1. Blistering or peeling paint.

When paint inside or outside your home starts to peel off, the cause may be moisture. Inside the home, trapped moisture can affect paint and cause it to bubble, crack, peel, and shed off like skin. Moisture accumulating the attic because of a leak that needs roof repair can seep into the room below and cause these signs, too. The air in the attic needs to flow freely to keep the moisture levels in check. Homeowners need to make sure there is a vent in bathrooms and kitchens to help with this and always make sure dryer vents are set to vent outside the house.

  1. Stains, Mold or Mildew Growth.

If you see any signs of unusual stains or mildew and mold growth inside your home, it is likely caused by water in your home and moisture accumulation. It’s another warning sign that you may need roof repair. Water getting into the home can cause mold and mildew to accumulate on water soaked drywall, wood, and other areas where it accumulates. While inadequate ventilation might also be the culprit, whatever the cause, seeing water stains and mold and mildew are things that cannot be ignored!

  1. Missing, Cracked, or Curled Shingles.

Another sign that indicates whether you need roof repair or roof replacement is extensive damage to the shingles of your roof. If the shingles are dry and brittle looking, appear already cracked and broken, or practically break when touched, they are at the end of their useful life and it’s time to invest in a new roof. Shingles take a lot of abuse from weather, temperature, and environmental factors and they will eventually need to be replaced in order to protect the roof’s structure and integrity.

  1. Dark, Discolored Areas on the Roof.

When trying to decide if you need roof repair or replacement, look for any dark discolored areas on the roof. These appear as odd, dark areas that have no obvious cause. They often occur in specific areas of the roof and generally flow down the roof from top to bottom. This could mean your roof has vegetation, fungus, mold, or algae growth, or that the shingles themselves are breaking down and deteriorating.

  1. Excessive Energy Costs.

If you are paying more and more for energy consumption, experiencing an odd fluctuation in energy cost, or notice usage that is not the norm for what you have seen in years past, then a cause may be insufficient attic ventilation. This may be an indication you need roof repair.

Insufficient attic ventilation makes the AC work more in the summer and the heat work more in the winter. Both of these cases lead to excessive moisture accumulating in the attic. This moisture can drip down onto the insulation and reduce its effectiveness, potentially increasing energy costs.

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Roof repair or replacement concerns come in all shapes and sizes. It can be very frustrating to homeowners to figure it all out and know what the best steps are for them to take. Do they repair or replace a roof when leaks are detected? Should you consider roof replacement every 10 years, 20 years, 30 years? Can a minor roof issue be dealt with through a minor roof repair?

How can homeowners make sense of it all? It can be tricky, but this is why Stay Dry Roofing is here to help you make the best choices possible and make wise, informed decisions about how to take care of your roofing system.

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