New Roofing Installation Projects

How to Make Sure New Roofing Installation Projects are Done Right

New Roofing Installation Projects

One of the most common calls Stay Dry Roofing gets from homeowners, unfortunately, deals with concerns about the job another roofing contractor has done. We get many calls each year from homeowners who are finding problems with the new roof repair or roof replacement they just had, or are having doubts about whether or not the contractor they hired did a good job.

Homeowners know that a new roof should last a long time, and there should be no major issues after the installation. Having the right contractor working on the installation project is one of the key elements to having a successful install and a high quality roof.

Cutting corners during new roofing installation projects can cause major problems that risk the integrity of the entire roof. That can put you and your family at risk. At the very least, it leads to costly repairs and continual maintenance. Stay Dry Roofing in Indianapolis wants to pass these tips along to homeowners like you so you know what is really involved with roof installation. It’s about choosing the right contractor for your new roofing installation project, and knowing why roofing installations may fail so you can look for warning signs.

Proper Roofing During New Roofing Installation Projects

A properly installed roof takes time and is not cheap. Getting it done right must be seen as an investment in the future value and stability of your home. When contractors try to cut corners in order to pocket more of the money you’ve paid for the install, it often leads to sub-par work and issues with the roofing system. So the essential first step in new roofing installation projects is to ensure that a quality roofing company with a reliable and trustworthy reputation is hired.

The Perils of Poor Installation

Even if your chosen roofing contractor installs your new roof using the absolute best shingle or tile that is available, if it’s not installed correctly, things can go wrong. The roof will not function as it should, and the roof can even fail. Using a contractor who is experienced in new roofing installation projects that match your particular style of roofing is critical.

Just like you would not let a foot doctor operate on your hand, because one type of specialist is not like another specialist, one roofing contractor may not be as good as another. Make sure your chosen installer has experience working on new roofing installation projects, especially when it comes to the roofing type and materials used. It can save a lot of time and money down the road!

Stay Dry Roofing has experts experienced in a wide variety of roofing styles, types and materials. We help many homeowners with their new roofing installation projects every year. We know what to do, and what not to do, because we understand why roofing installations may fail.

Inadequate Ventilation Problems

Many homeowners do not think about roof ventilation because it is hidden under the roofing for the most part. But the ventilation system for roofing is very important. A properly balanced attic ventilation system helps to keep your roof healthy by regulating temperature, air flow, moisture levels, and other variables which can impact your roof’s overall function and success. New roofing installation projects must take into account the importance of proper ventilation.

Air intake allows cool, fresh air to enter the attic. Exhaust works to push hot, moist air out. It is the flow and balance of air coming in and out that new roofing installation projects must take into account. During the hot summer months, improper ventilation can lead to moisture build up and speed up mold and mildew growth. In the winter, improper ventilation can contribute to the formation of ice dams and other issues concerning snow and ice on the roof.

Some contractors try to skip corners and save money by installing minimal ventilation. This is a recipe for disaster. Good contractors know the value of proper ventilation in new roofing installation projects, and will work to ensure you get it.

Skimping on Materials Costs More in the Long Run

You likely know that you need to get several quotes, so you can compare costs and prices for the contractors you are looking at. What many homeowners do not realize is that one of the main reasons new roofing installation projects may fail is because some contractors skimp on materials. Disreputable contractors do this in order to offer a lower bid and get the job.

Don’t just choose the cheapest bid that you are presented. Ask contractors what materials they use. If they tell you that things like sealants and insulation are not needed, or that they have a better way to install roofs that cuts costs compared to how others do it, consider these to be red flags. A contractor who cuts costs by cutting corners are more likely to leave their customers holding the short end of the stick in any new roofing installation projects!

There’s no getting around it. It takes more labor to do the job right. So you need to understand that cutting corners just puts your home at risk, and usually costs more in the long run.

Stay Dry Roofing: Trusted, Dependable, Experienced and Reputable

Roofs perform an essential role in day to day life, keeping us, our families, and our possession safe. They shelter us from the elements. The job of a roof is so vital and integral to our very way of life that the very idea of shelter and security can be described with the phrase “having a roof over your head.”

Many homeowners find themselves asking what they should be considering as they look for someone to help with their new roofing installation projects. In all of our years of working with homeowners, Stay Dry Roofing has seen a lot of jobs done by shoddy contractors who cut corners and have done a sub-par job. We have helped many homeowners to get the roofing system they want and need when others have failed them. We know why roofing installations may fail, and we promise to go above and beyond for you and your family.

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