Finding A Good Home Care Routine

Finding a Good Home Care Routine for Your Roof

Finding a Good Home Care Routine for Your Roof

All things in the world will decay and break down over time, some just do it more quickly than others. The structures and components that make up our homes are no exception to that law of physics. Many buildings today can last decades or even a few hundred years with the right level of care and maintenance. But, sadly, the days of seeing structures last thousands of years like those of the ancient cities in Egypt and Greece are gone and not likely to return. Finding a good home care routine for your roof may not make it last a thousand years, but proper maintenance can help it last for decades.

Stay Dry Roofing in the greater Indianapolis area takes a closer look at how finding a good home care routine can save you money in the long run in home maintenance and care.

Quality Today and How Finding a Good Home Care Routine Makes a Difference

Modern construction and design has taken huge leaps forward in some areas, but they are not as resilient and rugged as what we once had. Preventive maintenance of building exteriors is more important than ever for any structure. But one as critical as a home needs to have a home maintenance and care routine set up. Finding a good home care routine makes a big difference in this.

A more extensive and involved plan will be needed for some homes, while amore basic one may be appropriate for other homes. We here at Stay Dry Roofing can help you with finding a good home care routine that will work for you!

A preventive maintenance program needs two critical components: the inspection and the execution. The most critical of the two is the inspection. When it comes to finding a good home care routine, the inspection is the most critical piece of the puzzle. If you need a helping hand with your home inspections and reviews, call Stay Dry Roofing and let us help you come up with the home maintenance and care plan that is right for you and your home!

Home Inspections

When you, as a homeowner, are looking for someone to come out and help you with your home by performing the inspection, it is of the utmost importance to document each and every finding that is discovered during the inspection and keep them on file. This is a fundamental in finding a good home care routine.

The best way to see a bigger picture of your home’s structural integrity is to compare inspection notes that span over the course of two to three years. This makes it easier to see where things are staying the same and holding up fairly well, or where things seem to be breaking down. It also highlights what issues are getting to the point where they need to be addressed. In finding a good home care routine, it is also essential to examine any work that was recently done in the home.

New installations and repairs are often covered under warranty, so you should take advantage of that and do checks of those newer components every few months so you can catch any potential issues before the warranty runs out. Specific items that you should always inspect and document in your review include the following:

  1. Gutters, roof, downspouts, shingles, eaves.

Leaf litter and debris can easily accumulate on the roof and get washed into the gutters and downspouts. This will lead to blockage and draining issues which can cause water to pool and puddle on the roof, giving it time to find any small cracks or holes and seep into the home. When finding a good home care routine that works for you, it is essential that the roof, gutters, eaves,and all associated components be cleared thoroughly on a regular basis; especially following a storm.

In addition to risk of flowing into the home, if water pools on the roof during colder months it can lead to ice dams and problems with roof damage during the thaw and freezes of winter and even bigger problems come sprint time thaw.

  1. Seals of doors, windows, and other components.

Any item that cuts a hole into the walls of the home need to be careful inspected. The exterior walls of the home can be a major source for problems such as water leakage. Windows and doors and air vents will have special seals that help keep them tight against the wall, but these seals can crack and deteriorate over time, allowing gaps to for that can let water into the home. Finding a good home care routine will keep you in the habit of looking for these.

Gaps around items like doors and windows will also cause air to be lost in and out of the home. Cold air inside during the summer goes out while, in the winter, the warm air inside escapes and cold air finds its way in. This is why any item that is cut into the wall need to be inspected and why this is such an important part of finding a good home care routine. Home maintenance and care involves many components, and each one is important. Each should be given the time and attention needed to ensure all is functioning as it should.

  1. Walking/driving surfaces.

Generally, water pools on items like asphalt and concrete. But over time, tiny holes and cracks can form and allow water to seep into areas like sidewalks and driveways. If there is water present in these holes and cracks during a freeze, the water will expand and can make these cracks bigger. This makes them hold more water and get even bigger with the next freeze. When finding a good home care routine, you’ll want to regularly check for this.

If you don’t, the process continues on until major cracks and pot holes make sidewalks unsafe and driveways unusable. Wear and tear is normal, especially for places like driveways and carports that gets used almost every day, and that are subjected to heavy wear and tear from heavy vehicles. When finding a good home care routine that fits your schedule, you should make sure you check any walking and driving surfaces every few months. This allows you to spot smaller problems sooner and prevent them from growing into major problems that are expensive and time consuming to fix. Cracks, chunks, rust spots, discolorations, deterioration, potholes and shifting of surfaces are all signs of damage that should not be ignored.

Home Maintenance and Care

When you need help finding a good home care routine, trust the experts who have a proven reputation with the local communities of Indianapolis. When you need quality and excellence, the name to trust is Stay Dry Roofing. Contact us at (317) 308-7773 today to request a quote or set up an appointment to let us show you how we can help you with your home maintenance and care schedules, starting with your roof!