Common Summertime Roofing Problems

Common Summertime Roofing Problems

As if you did not have enough to worry about in the summer months with mowing the lawn, pruning the landscape shrubs, cutting back the trees, and preparing the house for visiting family and friends, you also have new roofing problems to be on the lookout for! There are some common summertime roofing problems that can have a huge impact on your roofing system. So, our team of Indianapolis roof care experts here at Stay Dry Roofing wanted to go over the four most common ones with you today:

UV and Heat

Just like the skin can be burned by the power of the sun, roofs can also be damaged from the sun’s UV rays as well as the intense heat of summer. The combined effects of heat and UV rays can dry out shingles and plastic waterproofing layers causing them to crack, peel, or shrink. It is important to check the roof at least once each season to make sure everything is good to go so you can avoid one of the most common summertime roofing problems.

Improper Ventilation

This problem may not be readily visible on the outside of the roof, but underneath it can cause major issues. The attic and the roof both need to be inspected during the summer. Because if there is something wrong with one, the other will be affected. This is one of the common summertime roofing problems many homeowners fail to consider until they call in the Indianapolis roof care experts for the seasonal inspection.

Summertime Storms

While it is true that there’s only so much you can do to protect your roof when the storms roll through, you still need to do what you can to prepare. Keep trees trimmed and make sure you inspect the roof after every major storm to look for signs of damage. When damage is detected, no matter how minor it may seem, be sure to call in a roofer to do an assessment. Stay Dry Roofing’s Indianapolis roof care experts can help you out!

Algae and Moss

Summer rains can be severe in some areas and while it helps cool the air it also causes moss and algae to grow. The combination of frequent rain with warm weather is perfect for the growth of moss and algae and they can quickly damage the roofing system when they accumulate on the surface of the roof. This issue needs to be addressed sooner than later before the growth weakens shingles and causes leaks to develop.

When it comes to the common summertime roofing problems that you may face this season, Stay Dry Roofing is committed to being there for you when you need us the most! Contact us today to see why we are considered the Indianapolis roof care experts and why our customers come back to us season after season for all of their roofing care needs! We’d love to talk with you so call or come by today!