Best Tech For Hail Damage Service

Hail Damage Mapping A Boon For Homeowners

Best Tech For Hail Damage Service

Stay Dry Roofing already has one of the best reputations in the Indy area when it comes to roofing and gutter services. Now Stay Dry is upping that game with the latest technology, ensuring that our customers receive the best service available today by pairing the power of old fashioned customer care with advanced tech. And coming into the spring storm season, the timing couldn’t be better!

Introducing Hail Mapping for Accurate Storm and Hail Damage Measuring

Hail maps are cutting-edge storm tracking tech that produces exceptionally accurate, real-time reporting on hail and wind as storm systems move through. This pinpoint accuracy allows Stay Dry Roofing to dramatically improve preparation and response time in getting our customers the exact storm and hail damage services they need as quickly as they need them. When you face urgent or emergency roof replacement in Indianapolis or the surrounding area due to severe storm or hail damage, Stay Dry Roofing can now respond even faster than ever!

Hail Damage Repair Service at the Speed of Phone Technology

Every homeowner in the greater Indy area knows that sinking feeling that comes when hearing large hail pound the roof. Getting the roof damage repaired as quickly as possible is vital to protecting your family, your home and your possessions. Hail mapping allows Stay Dry Roofing to track storm paths, analyze data on severity, and turn our attention to the customers who need us most. Linked to our company phones, the latest advancements in storm and hail maps give our roofing crews real-time reports. And that gives Stay Dry a big advantage in getting roof hail damage minimized and repaired quicker than ever before, offering our customers great peace of mind after the storm.

In a Storm Emergency, Accuracy Matters

Before the development of storm and hail maps, when a storm emergency hit, the only weather verification services available to roofing pros relied on generic weather watch information based on public service warnings. This model could focus on a hailstorm’s potential, but couldn’t report on what was actually occurring. While this older model is of value to the public as an advisory, it isn’t designed to offer valuable, real-time, detailed data . Now, however, innovative weather tech companies like HailWATCH and CoreLogic have weather and hail verification science down to a…well, science!

CoreLogic, for example, uses hail verification science that verifies true hail fall, including accurately measuring hail size. And HailWATCH can analyze the full path of any given storm and plot its swath with remarkable accuracy. These features allow for exceptional precision, able to target not just cities that are struck by a hail storm, but being able to pinpoint the exact specific areas within a city or location that are struck.

Advanced hail maps can even determine the size of hail that is falling. In a large metropolitan area like Indianapolis, knowing what neighborhoods have been affected by severe storm and hail damage, and which have not, gives Stay Dry Roofing a big advantage in preparedness.

And data overlay technology permits street-level zooming for defined analysis of hail size within any related storm event. All this and more adds up to the most trusted and reliable birds-eye view of hail throughout the U.S.

Large storm events that produce heavy winds and large hail damage can quickly become catastrophes with the potential to overwhelm a homeowner’s insurance carrier and make management complicated. This, in turn, can cause prolonged headaches for the homeowner in getting effective and swift service. And when a family has severe damage done to their house’s roof, reducing wait times and red tape matter. That’s why Stay Dry Roofing believes that a critical part of providing the best customer service includes technologies like storm and hail maps that allow us to pinpoint the impact of severe storm events right down to the neighborhood.

Stay Dry Roofing: Reliable, Advanced, Experienced

As a family owned, locally operated Indianapolis business Stay Dry Roofing is a trusted name in roof replacement in Indianapolis. And with the help of cutting edge science like HailWATCH and CoreLogic storm and hail maps, we’ve only gotten better. We serve Indianapolis and the surrounding communities, including Brownsburg, Franklin, Greenfield, Martinsville, Noblesville and more.

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