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Commercial Roof Maintenance & Preventative Care Plans

Commercial roof maintenance is very important here in the Midwest and in Indianapolis where the summer weather is hot and the sun is more of a problem. At Stay Dry Roofing, we understand that elongating the life of your roof can help you save potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars over the course of many years.  The problem is, most building owners are unaware of commercial roof maintenance solutions that are both affordable and aesthetically pleasing.

On this page we talk about: What are the different types of roof maintenance available? How much does a commercial roof maintenance plan cost? What can I expect from a commercial roof maintenance plan?

We take great pride in the new commercial roofs well as maintenance on flat roofs, commercial roofs, industrial roofs, and manufactured buildings.

Commercial Roofing Maintenance Care
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Who should be looking into commercial roof maintenance?

It does not matter whether Stay Dry Roofing originally installed your roof or not, we can help everyone with an existing roof. Roof types that qualify for commercial maintenance are:

  • Metal
  • Single-Ply TPO
  • Single-Ply EPDM
  • Smooth BUR
  • Gravel BUR
  • Spray Polyurethane Foam
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When should roof maintenance be performed on commercial buildings?

You should always schedule routine commercial roof maintenance inspections every six months. Planning your roof inspections well in advance can help ensure that roof maintenance is not overlooked. Routine maintenance will allow you to address any leaking or repair problems as needed and avoid major issues—ultimately saving you time and money in the long run.

In addition to scheduled maintenance twice a year, it’s important to have a contractor inspect and perform needed repairs after severe weather such as high winds, hail, and severe storms. These types of roof inspections are to clear the area of debris such as metal and organic material and to assess the area more effectively.

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Commercial Roof Maintenance Contracts

What are roof maintenance contracts and how do they work? Many of the material manufacturers within the commercial roofing industry require local building owners to have regular scheduled roof inspections throughout the year, typically once every 6 months is sufficient. Routine maintenance is also required which helps keep the structure safe and sound. The commercial roof maintenance contract between owner and contractor makes it easy for both parties to ensure their new commercial roof remains under warranty and it good working condition.

3 Types Of Maintenance Contracts

  1. Requires regular visits by the contractor to the facility for gutter and drain cleaning along with visual inspection & reporting.
  2. Doesn’t require regular visits but requires gutter cleaning, debris removal, visual inspection, and small repairs to be done when needed.
  3. Doesn’t require regular visits but requires gutter cleaning, debris removal, visual inspection. Includes small/medium/large repairs to be done when needed.

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